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Our integrations

Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
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Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
Hospitality dashboard
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Leading dashboard technology

Key features

Near real-time data updates

Powerful engine

Intuitive exploration of data

Best-in-class visualisations

Restaurant analytics

Powerful dashboards & more

superHost - hospitality reporting

Overview Insights

One page with all key metrics you need to monitor the performance of your business.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Revenue Insights

Follow revenues, tickets & average ticket value up closely and compare performance to past periods, peer locations, and other dimensions.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Staff Insights

Track your staff plannings versus actual time spending and analyse in detail costs and productivity at each hour of the day.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Customer Insights

Know what customers are saying about you and track ratings over time across all review channels.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Table Insights

Measure how quickly tables are rotating at every hour of the day and see if table bookings are managed efficiently.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Delivery Insights

Get insights across your delivery channels on key performance metrics as preparation & delivery times, missing items, returning customers and more.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Self service

Drag-and-drop to build your own reports combining all data present in the dashboard to answer ad hoc questions in seconds.

superHost - hospitality reporting

Mail report

Send daily / weekly / monthly reports via mail by location to your employees to keep everyone informed with the information he needs in his role.

superHost - hospitality reporting


Ask your employees to fill in daily / weekly survey to capture their feedback which provides context to the numbers

Why does it matter

get the right insights
to the right person
at the right moment

to boost profits

For every 1%  improvement in revenues & costs, the average restaurant profits increase between 10-20%

Guidea, national average data

Our dashboard customized to your needs


We have an extensive library of the most used hospitality sector visualizations & KPIs


We have wide range of integrations with key hospitality platforms to get near-real time data


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